Measurement Capabilities

To ensure that our products exceed customer expectations, Micro Ceramics uses state-of-the-art equipment to measure dimensional and optical specifications during the manufacturing process and at final measurements tests.

Our partial list of measurement equipment includes:

  • Microscopic Inspection
    •  Stereo microscopes
    •  Video microscope
    •  Profile projector
  •  Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM
  •  Optical Metrology Instruments:
    • Zygo Laser Interferometer Verifier Fizeau QPZ – 6inch (λ=633nm)
      • Flatness of polished surfaces (P-V, Irregularity)
      • Transmitted wavefront aberration
      •  Repeatability: λ/30
    • Zygo White Light Interferometer 3D Microscope – NewView 8300
      • Flatness, roughness, step height, thickness, straightness,  radius of curvature, roundness, angle, defect analysis
      • FOV: 0.18-12mm
      • Stitching size: 100X100mm Travel
      • Repeatability (RMS): 0.01nm
  • Testing equipment:
    •  Microbalance detector
    •  Surface roughness/counter measuring system