Medical/Biomedical Applications

The medical industry has recognized Micro Ceramics as a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced precision ceramic components and assemblies, including implants, joint replacements, and surgical tools. These are created from a wide range of ultra-pure biocompatible materials that include ceramics, metal alloys, and Piezo ceramics. All products are manufactured to the strictest regulatory guidelines.

Micro Ceramics’ precision machining and molding techniques lead the industry today. This, together with its expertise in medical device component development and assembly, enables Micro Ceramics to provide a broad range of services for Medical Device OEMs that actually reduce costs.

Micro Ceramics offers:

  •  Safe material/bio compatible 
  •  High ceramic density 
  •  Increase mechanical strength 
  •  Device and implants high accuracy 
  •  Traceability and monitoring 
  •  Wear resist/zero particles


  •  Dental screws and implants
  •  Analysis and diagnostics systems ( X-Ray)
  •  Cosmetics treatments
  •  Implants (hip/joint)
  •  Vision – sight enhancement/improvement